The Board believes that the natural environment is an integral part of its life and business. We are therefore responsibly managing the natural environment and its water resources. through development of climate change adaptation and mitigation programs such as conservation of water catchment areas and education of communities on sustainable use of natural resources.

Our core belief is that we can improve the quality of life of the community through management and conservation of the environment and by ensuring that the natural environment is used wisely and continues to be available for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

The Board is among other interventions carrying out stakeholder consultative meetings in its supply areas on the management of catchment areas.
The best time to plant a tree was years ago, but we believe that the next best time is today and now, that is why the Board has taken the initiative of planting trees in all its catchment areas together with all its stakeholders.

The Board has also used community based approach where communities, through village natural resources committees, are able to raise nurseries for planting. As part of community support, seedlings of fruit and exotic species are also distributed for community woodlots and homestead tree planting to communities surrounding the catchment areas. This is intended to offer communities with alternative sources of forest products such as fruits and fuel wood; effectively reducing dependence on the catchment area for forest products.

The Board is further carrying out its activities in a manner that does not adversely impact on the environment.

The Board conducted an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and developed a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) report for the Rumphi Town Water Supply and Sanitation Services for Improvement Project (RWSSIP).

1. Click here to download ESIA Report for RTWSSIP

2. Click here to download the RAP Report for RTWSSIP