In line with its Corruption Prevention Policy, Northern Region Water Board has zero tolerance for the commission or concealment of corrupt practices or other malpractices. Allegations of corrupt practices and other malpractices shall be investigated and pursued to their logical conclusion including meting out punitive measures in accordance with the laws of Malawi.

  • Corruption and other malpractices that include theft, fraud and illegal connections can endanger and ruin the vision and mission of the Board.
  • Customers and all stakeholders have a responsibility to disclose corrupt practices and other malpractices that impact on effective service delivery.


  • Customers shall be expected to report incidences of corrupt practices and other malpractices to the Chief Executive Officer.
  • The Chief Executive Officer shall be required to record explicit details of the nature of the malpractices including location for ease of identification. Records of all reported cases shall be maintained and shall form part of the assessment basis for payment of a reward.
  • The particulars of the whistleblower shall be kept confidential in order to protect him/her and shall be known only by the Chief Executive Officer.
  • False allegations made with malicious intent shall be dealt with in line with clause 16/0/1 of the Corruption Prevention Policy.


  • The whistle blower or customer who reports a case relating to corrupt practices or other malpractices, shall be given a reward upon successful investigation and where the malpractice has been proven.
  • The name and other particulars of the whistleblower shall not be disclosed when processing the reward. The reward shall be processed in the name of an employee of the Board. The whistleblower shall be made to sign against the reward paid and the signed copy shall be kept by the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Whistle blowers shall be rewarded ten (10) percent of the value of the recovered property or value of the water deemed to have been lost, upon successful investigation and conclusion of the case, subject to the minimum amount of MK10,000.00 and the maximum amount of MK50,000.00.
  • The reward shall not apply to Employees, Management and Board of Directors. Where employees are discovered to have divulged information to customers about malpractices for the purpose of benefiting from the reward, disciplinary measures shall be taken against such employees in line with the Conditions of Service and Discipline