Service Areas

Northern Region Water Board operates as a decentralized organization structure composed of Three (3) Zones and Nine (9) Schemes. A scheme is a small business unit that produces and supplies water in a give territory such as a semi-urban center, town, district or city. A zone is a collection of two or more schemes. The zones provide the following customer services:

  1. New water connections
  2. Fault Repairing
  3. Meter Reading


This is composed of Mzuzu and Ekwendeni Schemes. Mzuzu is the biggest zone with about 100 members of staff. It is headed by a Zone Manager . The Zone Manager is assisted by a Zone Engineer  on the technical side, a Finance Manager on the financial side and a Human Resource and Administration Officer.

Contact Details

Telephone: (+265) 01 310 617/ 254/255  Fax:  (+265) 01 310 082


Karonga Zone comprises Karonga, Chilumba and Chitipa schemes. This is the second d largest zone with about 80 members of staff.

Contact Details

Telephone: (+265) 01 362 541  Fax: (+265) 01 362 395


This zone comprises Nkhata-Bay and Chintheche and is the third largest zone.  It has about 30 members of staff.

Contact Details: 

Telephone: (+265) 01 357 204


Mzimba and Rumphi are stand-alone schemes headed by a Scheme Supervisor. Mzimba scheme supplies water to the Mzimba town and surrounding areas where as Rumphi scheme is supplies water to the areas of Rumphi town and sorrounding areas in the district.
Contact details for Mzimba Scheme: Telephone/Fax: (+265) 01 342 224
Contact details for Rumphi Scheme:  Telephone: (+265) 01 372 276