Prepaid Revolution

What is prepaid metering?
Prepaid water Metering is another method of paying for water. A Prepaid Meter enables you to buy electricity units in affordable quantities before use. The prepayment meter works the same way as a pre-paid cell phone system, Pay as you use!

Benefits of using Prepaid Meters
Prepaid Meters have the following benefits to our customers;
• No accrued debts, Able to budget, Able to control the usage of water, Able to buy as little as K750.00, No meter reading, No monthly bills, No accrued bills and quick leak detection.

How the Prepaid Meter works
• The meter normally supplies water when it has units in it.
• The Meter comes with a smart card that is given to the customer after installation.
• The smart card has too parts – Main and reserve mode. The main mode stores the units to be loaded in the meter immediately after buying.
• The reserve mode stores some units to be used in emergencies, weekends and public holidays.
• When loading units in the meter the card has to be inserted as indicated on the meter
• Once inserted, press the left button on the meter in order to enter the units. Once done, the meter loads the units and then it indicates the amount entered in cubic meters on its screen.
• Remove the card soon after loading the units and keep it safe.
• In case of an emergency when the meter has no units for example when units are finished, the customer can use the fire mode (By simply pressing the two buttons on the meter at once). By doing so, the customer would have supply for 6 Hours
However, note that meters are sensitive – any tampering water closes and displays what was actually done to the meter (Penalty is charged)

Can someone steal or use my card/money on another meter?
Each meter has a unique smart card that is used to buy and load units. The card cannot be used on any other meter apart from its designated one.

Who owns the meter?
The meter remains the property of Northern Region Water Board. We are responsible for reading, maintain and eventually replacing the meter in the event that it is malfunctioning.