Stakeholders Relations

The Board strives to ensure effective and integrated working relations with all stakeholders, to ensure that they all have access to information which enhances a structured and comprehensive working relationship.

Stakeholder RelationsThe Board continues to engage all stakeholders, which include but are not limited to employees, organized labour unions (Water Employees Trade Union of Malawi (WETUM) & Malawi Congress of Trade Union (MCTU)), Government departments, the water services sectors role players (water boards, Water Services Association of Malawi (WASAMA), and suppliers) and the media.

In addition, the Board works hand in hand with the Anti Corruption Bureau in the implementation of the Board’s Corruption Prevention Policy. The Board strengthened its efforts in corruption prevention by adopting the Gifts and Entertainment Policy and the Code of Ethics Policy.

The Board’s interaction with regulatory oversight bodies such as Parliamentary Committees also bears testimony to its commitment to accountability and openness.